K2 View points

9 K2 View Points

K2 view Point

There are many unexplored K2 view Points in Baltistan with a volunteer opportunity to discover. Our team has discovered 9 K2 viewpoints up till now. The famous Gondogoro La pass and Mashebrum la connect the Shigar District of Baltistan towards Hushey valley of Ghanchey District via Gondogoro and Mashebrum la passes. Shigar city to Thaly la also touches the two regions of Baltistan.

Name of K2 View Points

The name of the K2 viewpoints is the famous ‘Gondogoro La top, Machulo Broq, Barah Broq, Kharkoh Broq, Hun Broq Hushey, Ghanchey Lake khaplu, Iqbal Top Kandy, Borge La Deosai of Skardu and Rush Phari of Nagar valley Gilgit-Baltistan.

Become a Discoverer

“K2” is the second highest mountain in the world standing at the elevation of (8611m) in Baltistan. Being the highest of Karakorum and between the two districts of Baltistan, it can easily be seen by a day hike or a bit more from various tops of Gilgit-Baltistan. Our team who discovered these K2 viewpoints welcomes the explorers to discover and name it. We are sanguine and assure you of many untouched and undiscovered places to click and explore in the territory of Northern Pakistan.

Easy ways to K2 View Points

These K2 view Points ways are easy to access and may take one to three days hiking from the nearby towns. The hike follows stream water coming from the upper glaciers. Trekking on the picturesque and attractive Berkat Lum(path), we shall be able to glance at an awe-inspiring view of the world’s four above 8000m and other famous high peaks in a series that looks very beautiful and mesmerizing to remember.

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