Pakistan’s Heritage Trip

15 Days

A beautiful journey across Pakistan is an unforgettable experience. The tour starts in the capital of Pakistan Islamabad till ends in Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi. This tour will give you an understanding of how the magnificent ancient civilizations – Indus and Gandhara flourished along the Indus River, what made the invaders invade it, why Sufis made it their home, and how the emperors established their huge empires right from the Mughals of Persia to British in Europe. Throughout the tour, you will be mesmerized by its magnificent archaeological sites like Taxila, home to some important remains of the Gandhara Civilization. Steeped deep in history, the excavations at Taxila take you back 2,500 years into the world of Buddha. It is here that you find endless images of Buddha. On way to Lahore, we will have an opportunity to visit Katas Temple, a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva and Khewra Salt Mines that attracts up to 40,000 visitors per year, it is the second largest salt mine in the world and the oldest in the sub-continent.

The rich stunning cultures in Lahore to feast our eyes with beautiful Badshahi Mosque, Badshahi Fort, Lahore Museum, Shahi Humam, Wazir Khan Mosque, Shalimar Gardens, etc, Harappa another important archaeological site of Indus civilization stands witness to the 5000-year-old cultural continuity of civilization in Pakistan. The elaborately decorated shrines of Sheikh Bahad-ud-din Zakriya, Shah Shams Tabriz, and Shah Rukn-e-Alam in Multan, imposing Derawar Fort, the deserts of Cholistan, the high intense spirituality at Sufi Shrines like Uch Sharif  Shawan Sharif are worth visiting.  Mohenjo Daro is an impressive and well-preserved archaeological site of the Indus Valley Civilization which was the world’s well-developed ancient culture. The findings suggest a well-developed agriculture system, where trade was conducted in real financial sophistication with other civilizations, beautiful art tells of their way of life, baked bricked buildings provide an impressive vista of urban architecture; drains and wells speak of their height of engineering, overall an impressive society that had developed a complete living system of their own.

Makli Hills world’s largest necropolis with over a million graves, Chaukhandi tombs from an early Islamic cemetery are remarkable for their elaborate sandstone carvings,  toms, and mausoleums will make your trip worthwhile. In short, every city, town, and village throughout the tour that we will visit has a thrilling story of its own. With a history of over thousands of years, the land has a thrilling story of its own. With a history of over thousands of years, the land has witnessed the rise and fall of dynasties and it made invaders fight for control of the land, our Pakistan Heritage is an absolutely spectacular journey along with the history with a breathtaking landscape.


Duration: 15 days Altitude: 2000M
Region: Heritage Areas Hotel nights:  14
Grade: Tour & Sight Seen  Trip Season: Oct-April




What is Included?

  • • Airport transfers on first and last day from/to Benazir International Airport, Islamabad
  • • Tour Guide
  • • All domestic flights and transfers (according to itinerary)
  • • All road transport in Pakistan (according to the itinerary above)
  • • All accommodation in Pakistan according to the itinerary with breakfast and welcome dinner
  • • Entry permit fees/paperwork etc

Not Included

  • • Travel insurance
  • • Visa to Pakistan (Letter of Invitation and other supporting documents will be offered by us for visa application)
  • • International flights
  • • Tips if required
  • • Miscellaneous (drinks, telephone calls, laundry, etc at hotels)
  • • Souvenir

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Pakistan’s Heritage Trip
  • 1-30
  • 2000M
  • Hotels
  • October-April
  • Sight seen, cultural and heritage tour