Discover the 12 Most Breathtaking K2 Viewpoints in Pakistan

K2 View points

Explore the mesmerizing beauty of K2, the second-highest mountain in the world, from 12 easily accessible viewpoints in Baltistan and neighboring regions.

The Hidden Beauty of K2

K2, the mighty mountain, offers breathtaking views from various viewpoints across Baltistan and neighboring regions. Our team of explorers has discovered 12 easily accessible viewpoints, waiting to be explored and photographed.

The 12 K2 Viewpoints You Won’t Want to Miss

  1. Concordia(The main entrance)
  2. Shigar
  3. Gondogoro La pass
  4. Sogha Broq Khaplu
  5. Mashebrum La
  6. Hushey Hun Broq
  7. Kandey Broq/Iqbal touq (Top)
  8. Machulu Broq
  9. Khaplu Ghanche lake
  10. Barah Broq
  11. Kharkoh Broq
  12. Thalley La

Become an Explorer and Leave Your Mark

Join us on an adventurous journey to explore the uncharted K2 viewpoints, promising new perspectives and thrilling exploration opportunities. Our team invites you to become an explorer and discover the hidden gems of Northern Pakistan.

Easy Access to K2 Viewpoints

Reaching these K2 viewpoints is a straightforward adventure, taking just one to three days of hiking from nearby towns. Follow the crystal-clear streams and trek along the picturesque Berkat Lum(path) to witness the mesmerizing panorama in a day from Capital Khaplu of District Ghanche.

Book with us to explore the unexpected with the wonders of Northern Pakistan.

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